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Info For Presenters

Inverted Citizens is a New Zealand based procustion company with shows available to be presented nationwide and abroad. New Zealand-grown circus is a unique offering for your event; our work combines high quality performance and circus skills with a distinct Kiwi perspective. We'd love to chat with you about what we can offer.

Moonroe's Title small.png

Marilyn Moonroe hosts a zany variety show full of laugh-out-loud  surprises.


  • Genre: cabaret, variety, comedy, circus

  • 60 minutes duration

  • Suits 100-400 seats

  • Touring party of 2-3


Heartstrings is a one of a kind immersive experience integrating aerial performance, lighting and sound design.


  • Genre: circus, performance art

  • 20 minutes duration

  • Suits a variety of venues

  • Touring party of 2

Brimming with musical charm and close-up circus, this show brings a Kiwi perspective to the travelling circuses of Europe.


  • Genre: circus, live music, family fun

  • 55 minutes duration

  • Touring party of 4-5

  • Currently under development

Audience Experience

We create our work with the audience mind. Central to our work is creating unique and memorable experiences for our audiences.

Accessible Performance

In its purest form circus is accessible to all kinds of people.  Its physical nature reaches beyond boundaries of culture, language age and gender. With this in mind circus is a great artform to reach diverse audiences.

New Zealand Flavour

Our long term vision as a company is to foster a unique New Zealand brand of circus. Our shows bring a distinct high quality kiwi style to circus as an artform.

High Quality

Our mission is to elevate circus as an artform in Aotearoa. Our work is award winning and strives to present contemporary circus as a valid artform in New Zealand.

Kokomai Festival.jfif

Pipi Reisch, Kokomai Festival

"Eternally grateful for the energetic, beautiful energy that you brought to Carterton. We loved the show, Carterton loved the show and I'm so happy that we got to work together."

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