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Past Shows

Quirky characters and skillful circus

A trio of characters trapped in their daily routines discover the possibilities that surround them. REAL[ISE] explores the idea that we are all outsiders in one way or another and that our power lies strongest together. 


"The year-old troupe’s circus skills range from adept to masterful, but their personalities and sweet chemistry make the show a winner.

-San Diego Union-Tribune



A musical street-circus

A quirky trio sit at the piano. With help from the audience, they create an ensemble of noise to accompany a show of hula hooping, contortion and acrobatics. No ideas are too ridiculous in the world of KAZOO, whether it be musical-mind-reading or being a handstand-kazooist; it's fun for the whole family. 


"Eternally grateful for the energetic, beautiful energy that you brought to Carterton. We loved the show, Carterton loved the show and I'm so happy that we got to work together." -Kokomai Festival


The Composer

A composer's music comes to life

Hunched at the piano, a troubled artist struggles to finish his masterpiece. Suddenly his writing comes to life and a journey through the creative process begins, filled with setbacks, accomplishments and humour. The Composer was performed in 2018, leading to Inverted Citizens being founded later that year.

"This show was utterly breathtaking. An insight into an intense, beautiful fantasy world within a creative mind" -Art Murmurs

The Composer
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