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h e a r t s t r i n g s


"A one of a kind performance experience"

Step inside a beating heart where a single aerialist hangs upon heartstrings in a delicate, yet tenacious performance in the air. Like watching a timelapse of a blooming flower, Heartstrings is a journey of life which unfolds before your eyes.

Heartstrings is a one of a kind immersive experience integrating aerial performance, lighting and sound design. Taking place above you inside a structure constructed with over one hundred metres of fabric, the experience lasts 20 minutes.

“A mesmerising, concentrated performance totally worth experiencing”

- Theatreview

““Cordery is a mesmerising performer while he is in the air. There is something transfixing about the way he moves, the way he builds and releases tension both in the ropes and in the room.” -Art Murmurs”

-Art Murmurs


Jackson Cordery

Jackson Cordery

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