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Feathered Follies

A colourful cabaret performed by native New Zealand birds

Feathered Follies is a new work under development by award-winning circus company Inverted Citizens.

Inspired by native birds, the show promises to be a high energy spectacle featuring the acrobatic maneuvers, sassy personalities and colourful plumage of some of Aotearoa's most iconic birds.

Featuring 5 Wellington circus artists and with design elements from local designers, Feathered Follies is set to bring the best of contemporary NZ circus to the stage presenting classic circus cabaret acts with an unmistakable kiwi twist.

Here's what audiences, critics and our collaborators have said about our past work:

"Eternally grateful for the energetic, beautiful energy that you brought to Carterton. We loved the show, Carterton loved the show and I'm so happy that we got to work together."

-Pipi Reisch, Kokomai Festival

"So much fun!"

-Audience Review: Sisterhood

"That jaw-dropping element of mischievous tricks that we associate with circus."





Rhyanne Vasta

Te Taiao-484.jpg

Laura Oakley

The Menagerie_Jeff Tollan_HighRes_VYX0009.jpg

Jackson Cordery


Katelyn Reed

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Regina Hegemann

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